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This blog is currently being maintained by students at Litcham High School, who’ve introduced themselves below:


Elli: Hi, I’m Elli and I am a Year 9 student. To be honest, reading is my life. I’ll read almost anything you put in front of me, but like everyone, I do have my favourite authors, books and genres. For example, I love reading gothic horror/fantasy/dystopian novels. My favourite authors are John Green, and Cassandra Clare who writes fantasy. I also enjoy Rainbow Rowell who writes for young adults about life and peer pressure. I haven’t always enjoyed reading- gasp!-  but once I started there was no stopping me. Reading is incredibly important in my life and I don’t know who I’d be if I hadn’t picked up the first of many books, many years ago.

I have recently started working with Reading Hack, to encourage young people to start reading more. Some of my friends are taking part in this, and its great fun working together to promote the power a book holds.

Amelia: Hi, my name is Amelia. My nickname is the ‘Book Anaconda’! I am a passionate reader who dreams of one day becoming a journalist. I love creative writing. I am really into vintage fashion and have quite a big collection. I have what you might say a rather morbid interest, as I collect people’s last words. My favourite quote is “We are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”. When I was younger I wanted to be a weather girl. Reading is my life and I will probably die an untimely death after being crushed by a pile of books that are heaped unstably in my room. I hope you like our blogs!

Madeleine: My name is Madeleine. I enjoy rainy days and I like growing roses! My favourite foods are Ramen Noodles (which I always eat when reading books) and double decker bars (which I can’t eat because of my braces!) My favourite books are The Hobbit, The Skulduggery Pleasant Series, Dork Diaries and many manga series. I also enjoy fan-fiction and writing poetry. More or less I enjoy anything to do with literature or food (mostly food over literature though!)


The group were the Kids Lit Quiz 2015 National champions who represented the UK in America at the International Kids Lit Quiz Final. If you would like to have the chance to represent your school, Region and even Country as the Litcham Students did, ask your School Librarian (or Home Educator) to get in touch with Norfolk Education Library Service, who organise the Regional Heat every November.

They’re incredibly passionate about books and reading and passing on their love of reading to other children and young people. One of the projects they are working on is quizzes! Amelia, a member of the group has produced an amazing quiz for anyone who would like to test their knowledge of Shakespeare; if you’d like to put yourself to the test, you can download it here: Shakespeare Quiz. Visit this page to see more quizzes as they are developed.

If you’d like the answers, get in touch with Norfolk Education Library Service who will be able to email you the answers.

Amelia also shared how she’s been using the Libraries promotion of the Bard as a brilliant way to discover new books and genres. If you’ve not had a read, make sure you do here as she’s also put together a great list of titles inspired by Shakespeare’s plays.

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