Castle Hill

The legend goes that the Devil made the hill…

From the Stone Age, to the Iceni and their ‘encounters’ with the Romans, through to the Anglo-Saxons and the Norman Invasion and rule, right up to the modern day. Join us as we explore how the hill really came about, and the histories buried within it!

All the young people who took part in this project are local to Thetford, and were excited to learn about the history of their area while making the animation. The research involved site visits to the hill and other important locations around Thetford, including the Priory and the Charles Burrell Museum.

To view the film, please click on the film still below.

Thetford Rebellion

The Story of Castle Hill was created by: Samanta Direksoonthosanoh, Kudzi Garikayi, Aurimus Prusaitis, Charlie Scott-Bell and Emily Parfett.

Special thanks to: Ancient House Museum and Community Development Worker – Roberto Ramirez



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