Japanese Culture Club

Japanese Culture Club 
We are a small group of young people, all aged 16 and over who all share an interest in Japanese Culture. This interest may vary between watching Anime and reading Manga to various other interests such as geography, culture (Stories, myths, legends) and also the language. We have been running for 5 years, and are a very friendly group, easy to get along with, and all bring different information and skills to the club. Our most frequently chosen activity to par take in is Karaoke, and the peoples’ favourite is Ready Steady Cosplay, which is a group based event (the group is split up into smaller groups) each group is given a picture of a character and then have to create that character’s costume on a model.

When do we meet:
We meet once a month on a Friday, 5.45pm- 7.30pm at the Millennium Library, Norwich, and anyone over 16 is welcome to come along.

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For more information please contact:
elaine.simpson@norfolk.gov.uk / 01603 774781

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